Begin Showering Your Mind

It’s Thursday morning and I have 943,624 other things to do than write a blog post, yet I sit here and think how all I need to do is write a blog post. Will this become my new outlet to getting away from my adulting life? Is blogging the new procrastination? Truth is, I love to write. I write about my opinion, feelings, thoughts, rants, and support on Facebook in many of the groups that I am in. I decided to move some of that writing (since it’s actually really good) over to my blog. I’m hoping to expand my help to the people that are not only in those groups.

The Week

It’s safe to say that my week has been bombarded with curveballs. I feel like I am at a batting cage with pitches coming at me from every angle. Luckily I have a helmet on! Every day we are faced with a new challenge or obstacle. Smarts and wit can overcome many of our sticky situations, but our mind is capable of doing so much more.

Open Your Mind

We use knowledge from our experiences and our education to be able to get through our daily lives. Some days we reflect and wonder why are we still in the same situations? Why aren’t things getting better? How did we even get here in the first place?

Before I go into a wormhole of the Law of Attraction, I must start with he most simple piece of knowledge.

Your mind is capable of much more than thinking.

More Than Thinking

It’s funny when we see kids daydreaming or staring off into space. We catch them and ask, “why are you daydreaming”?

It is possible to think without consciously even thinking? Of course it is! It’s called meditating. Taking a short break from all the external stimuli and really drowning out all the “noise” going on around you is a form of meditating. Why do you think your best ideas come to you when you are in the shower? The tranquil sound of running water is mesmerizing and hypnotic. Water has a metaphysical property of being able to clear negativity from your energetic aura. Showering is literally showering you with protection from negative thoughts, allowing you to create positive, new ones.

Try It Out!

Next time you take a shower, really become engaged with the sound and feeling of the running water. Take note of how open and vulnerable you feel, how freeing it is to stand there naked with noting but water misting your body.

Where is your mind taking you?

What are you thinking about?

Is your muscles tense?

Once you become aware of how you feel in the shower, you will be able to open the possibilities of expanding your mind out of the shower. Raising your level on consciousness even 1 notch will increase your overall consciousness.

Did You Try Showering You Mind? Tell me how it went in the comments!


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