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Emotional Wellness Month

October is most famous for being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is also Emotional Wellness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Let’s not forget many other known diseases, illnesses, and notable moments that deserve recognition this month as well. As a domestic violence victim, I know how brutal living a life of fear can be. The fear that you feel from someone, sometimes someone you love, never leaves you. Even when the person is no longer in your life, their memory leaves you feeling sick, sad, depressed, and alone. It’s a permanent indentation on your soul as a reminder that this person has changed you, hopefully for the better. Domestic Violence Awareness Month ties perfectly into emotional wellness. Once you are free from the violence, you must press on and take care of your emotional wellness.

My goal this month is to bring you resources that are practical and helpful for your emotional, physical, and psychological wellbeing. Below I have prepared a copy of the Emotional Wellness Check-In that I mentioned in my YouTube video. I would love to hear about other questions that you ask yourself when you conduct your own check-in, or what you would suggest I add to my own list. Remember, helping one another is something that can help us become emotionally stronger individually and together.

Don’t forget to stop by and check me out on Instagram and check out this month’s fun posts with more ideas about emotional wellness. I’m also including some awesome Halloween makeup inspiration and a couple of creepy questions. So let’s link up and send me some of your great ideas so I can share them with my followers.

Print out a copy of the Emotional Wellness Check In mentioned in the video posted above.

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