World Kindness Day and Giving Back

World Kindness Day is Friday, November 13th this year. 2020 has already been so unkind to us, that it is almost unthinkable how we can share even a morsel of kindness with others. But as the holidays approach we need to keep in mind that kindness can go a long way this year.

Cultivate Kindness. Live in Love.

Risking sounding like a cliché, COVID-19 has beaten many of us down, morally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. So many people have experienced some type of loss during the pandemic, yet there are some of us that have come out of this treacherous situation a little stronger, wiser, and better than when we went into it.

I know some people have learned new things, picked up better habits, and have embraced a creative side they never knew they had. Imagine sharing that with someone.

When we think of spreading kindness we think of donating spare change, paying for the guy’s coffee behind us, or donating food or toys to a local shelter. But have you ever thought of spreading kindness by spreading what you know?

Wisdom is Kindness

Sharing something new that you have learned can make a world of a difference to someone. For example, during our mandatory lockdown in New Jersey in April, I decided to enroll in Penn Foster to get my Paralegal Degree. As a paralegal, I am unable to represent people in court or provide legal services, however, I am undoubtedly capable of providing research.

The answer is just a question away.

During my time quarantined, I helped people research and independently handle legal issues. I would empower them saying that the answer was just a question away. As I would do my own research, I was able to apply what I was learning to real life. Using these potential cases not only provided me with the experience of legal research but also helped people who didn’t know where or what to look for.

See A Need, Fill A Need

This is one of my favorite quotes and it comes from the 2005 animated film, Robots. There is such a multitude of reasons why this quote makes sense and when we apply it to Kindness Day, the reasons become endless.

We can easily think of needs that can be filled. Poverty, homelessness, food shortages, displaced families, unfortunate children… the list goes on. Think outside the box. What piece of wisdom, talent, or skill can you share to represent kindness?

stay safe be kind inscription on stone to represent world kindness day
Photo by Lisa Fotios

Remember 2020 has been so harsh to so many of us. Even though World Kindness Day is November 13th, try to have is lat throughout the year and longer.

How will you be kind this World Kindness Day?

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