Reconstructing Hair Mask from Runway Hair: Review

I am a skincare professional and natural ingredient junkie.

For starters, the Reconstructing Hair Mask is natural- that means settling and separation are bound to occur in transportation. In fact, Runway Hair only uses premium, plant-based, or all-natural ingredients in all its products. They are entirely transparent about that; they even make accommodations to ship the product with miniature ice packs. The ice packs help the product arrive precisely how it left the facility. I know from experience! When I initially received my product, the lid had burst (I can only imagine from air transport). The product had seeped into my bubble wrap and box. I was determined to make whatever I could scrape up work with my hair. I called up Runway Hair and spoke with Shameka, one of the founders, not knowing whether to apply the hair mask to wet or dry hair for maximum results. She was super helpful. I explained my hair type, and from there, she was able to recommend how I could use the product. However, since my testing sample was less than just settled from transportation, she offered me a new one with the ice pack.

PRO TIP: Scoop up a dollop and rub the hair mask between your hands to apply throughout your hair.

The ingredients that make up the Reconstructing Hair Mask are rahua oil, rosehip seed oil,
marula oil, tucuma butter, and bacuri butter

These ingredients are known for slathering your locks in lots of loving moisture. The fragrance of this hair mask is fantastic! There is an earthy scent that smells like a vacation to someplace wonderful. The texture of the hair mask before the application is a grainy, creamy, peanut buttery consistency.
I applied this hair mask all over from root to tips; however, my roots rarely ever need to get extra hydration. Once I applied the hair mask to my hair, I massaged my hair a bit to ensure that all my strands would get attention. I then wrapped my hair in a bun and placed my hair up in a shower cap. Next, I wrapped my hair in a towel and lounged for about 45- 60 minutes. Rinsing out the hair mask was simple; the hair mask just rinsed right out, and my hair felt super smooth. Afterward, I blow-dried my hair as usual.

The results for my hair were super shiny and ridiculously healthy. My hair felt like it was bathed in butter and wrapped in silk. The general health lasted for about two weeks before I noticed that I needed to re-mask my hair. I highly recommend that you give this hair mask a try and tailor the amount and frequency to your hair length and thickness. Runway Hair’s founders are very caring about their products and helping the people that use them. A company that is willing to care about me, my hair, and my wellbeing deserves my time, money, and effort.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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