Finishing Night Cream by Yangu Beauty: Review

Nighttime hydration is some serious business. As an esthetician, for nearly two decades I am a strong advocate in finding the best formulation. Yangu Beauty Finishing Night Cream is a luxurious texture that just bursts with the tell-tale signs of hydration. Upon opening the tub you can see that the Yangu Beauty Finishing Night Cream has a very creamy, rich texture. I took a small scoop between my fingers and immediately I could tell the viscosity of this night cream. It was much different than other night creams I have used before. Fatty acids: Baobab oil, Mangongo oil, and Kalahari Melon oil blend into rich Mafura and Tamanu kinds of butter along for a skin-loving moisturizing hug.

So What is My Skin Type?

My skin type is a combination of an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. At first thought, I would have imagined that this night cream would be too rich. Especially for my oily nose and chin. In the past, I have experienced heavy moisturizers that would just exasperate my oily areas. This usually would just create a super high shine. Yangu Beauty Finishing Night Cream is thick and hydrating, but I have not experienced any excess oil. On the contrary, my skin has become more balanced and my pores, especially on my nose, are less congested. My skin’s texture is smooth and much more supple than with previous night creams.

PRO TIP: Apply to skin that is still slightly damp or moist from your serum or toner. Don’t be afraid to massage this beautifully rich cream into your skin.

What’s That Smell?

Next, let’s talk about fragrance. The fragrance of the Yangu Beauty Finishing Night Cream is very earthy and natural. This fragrance is definitely delightful, but a bit intense for some. I found it to be suitable based on the type of product and texture. It’s great for massaging this night cream into my skin. I use It every other night and alternating it with other products that target my skincare concerns. My morning results are always super satisfactory! I highly recommend the Yangu Beauty Finishing Night Cream for a range of skin types. Sensitive, oily, dry, and mature skin types can all benefit from regular use of this night cream.

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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